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The zZyzx Society (ZSR Records 23375165)

BENGHAZI (Grenader) 8:17

TEAPOT ROCK (Fraser) 22:32 74featuring Chas Smith (pedal steel guitar)

LINEAR A (Grenader) 6:17 featuring Katherine Redlus (harp) and Jennifer Irvine (cello)

SCARBO (Ravel, arranged/orchestrated: Fraser) 9:02 original midi file by Bernd Krueger, graciously made available on Creative Commons

ORGANASM (Grenader/Fraser/Thighpaulsandra) 10:42 featuring Danny Carey (acoustic/electric drums) and Thighpaulsandra (electronics)

zZyzx Society is: Jill Fraser and Peter Grenader: analog and digital electronics

Produced: Jill Fraser and Peter Grenader
Mastered: Kosta Cross
Cover Art/Logo: Simon Paul (allmusic guide)

Physical Distribution: Steve Roach (

Tracks 1, 3: copyright 2018 Peter Grenader
Tracks 2, 4,: copyright 2018 Jill Fraser
Track 5: copyright 2018 Jill Fraser, Peter Grenader

All tracks: ASCAP

zZyzx Society thanks: Chas Smith, Danny Carey, Thighpaulsandra, Katherine Redlus, Jennifer Irvine for graciously contributing to this music - as well as Steve Roach, Kosta Cross, Bobby Furst, Beat'cha, Simon Paul, Ethan Reid, Darwin Grosse, Anne Graham, Sofia Arreguin, Petra Wright, Miles Richmond III, Barry Schrader, Cyrus Rex, Thomas Klepper, Neil Bernstein, Michael Atallah, Scott Raley, Bert Schiettecatte, Celine Van Damme and Adam Vavrick along with the members of the FB Muffwiggler and Sensible Synthesis forums for their great support.

Credits: News & Updates
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