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zZyzx Society Equipment lists

An in-depth description of the musical, audio and video equipment used live and in the studio by Jill Fraser and Peter Grenader

zZyzx Equipment Arsenal: News & Updates

Peter Grenader's hybrid digital/analog modular synthesizer

Peter Grenader's main instrument is a 75 module strong, eight row hybrid analog/digital modular synthisizer consisting primarily of standard and prototype Plan B/EAR modules as well as Doepfer, Limaflow, Mutable, Flame, PT Audio, Qu-bit, 2HP, Analogue Solutions, Jones, Audio Damage,  Circuit Abby, Expert Sleepers, Pantelic, Manhatten Analog and Animodule.

Click here for a module by module video tour of the instrument.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 4.09.41 PM.png

Touchpad for modular via Apple iPad

An Apple iPad is used with S1MidiTrigger for touchpad tactile interface and StepPolyArp for sequencing to Grenader's analog/digital hybrid modular via an iConnectivity Midi2 Midi/CV converter from the iPad Lightning port

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 5.46.25 PM.png

Peter Grenader's digital rig

This is a standard Quiklok heavy duty mic stand which has been modified as performance platform to cradle a ROLI Seaboard Rise keyboard controller, a Loncevon 10.1 inch LCD computer monitor and a Mac Mini - which is used for his primary software instruments; Battery (for playback of previously recorded analog events) and ROLI Equator and Glitchmachine softsynths - all integrated via Mainstage. A Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 provides the D/A conversion


Jill Fraser's eight panels of Serge synthesizers

The large majority of JiIl Fraser's sonic events originate from her vintage 1978 seven panel paperfaced Serge analog synthesizer in a custom metal case built by Chas Smith which are sampled and played via Abelton Live,  along with a Dmitri Bronson custom made single panel Serge which used for realtime live events


Jill Fraser's Abelton Push II

Jill's primary performance launchpad is an Abelton Push II controller used to trigger and modify realtime events in performance.


Macbook Pro, Apple IPad and ViewSonic Video Projector

Jill Fraser utilizes an Apple Macbook Pro to host her primary digital instrument - Abelton Live via a Resonant Audio T4 Thunderbolt converter and an iPad and ViewSonic short throw projector for realtime video via Touchviz.

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